Investment Cooperation

For more than 30 years of development, General Construction Company No. 1 - Limited (CC1) is known not only as a major building contractors and prestige which is also known as an investor with experience and strong financial potential. In addition to these projects and upcoming CC1 is implemented in many different forms such as BOO project DakR\'tih Hydropower Plant ...

Design Consultant

Although founded in 2006, but the field of design consultancy has rapidly grown and expanded its activities from the industrial to the civil works.   With the aim of developing a clear and experienced staff, we will meet all customer requirements.

Construction Steel Products

The specifications Mechanical properties Table | Table diameter and volume | Table of chemical elements | Table of technical standards. Standard Grade Yeaild strength (N/mm2) ...

Steel products

The specifications Wide Flange Shapes | H-Bearing Piles | Junior Beams | I-Beams | Beams for Mine Support | Equal Angles | Angles Unequal | Inverted Angle | Channels | Sheet Piles Page1 mm Standard Sectional Dimension mm Sectiona Area cm² ...

More than 670 apartments for low-income people - Residential Happiness

To address housing needs for low-income people is increasing in the city. Ho Chi Minh City, and the stimulus program implemented by the Government and the policy of the State to encourage all economic sectors to participate in building houses for these objects in urban areas social manner chemical Society, General construction company No. 1 has invested to build 2 Block A, D - ...

Steel pipe

The specifications Statement Standard Weight Round Tube (TCVN 3783-83) | Table Weight Regulations for black circular welded steel pipe super thick | Table of Weight Regulation square steel pipes, rectangular large size (ASTM A500) | Click Dimensions and weight black steel pipe pressure test and galvanized steel pipe (ASTM A53).

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